What is power fittings? What is the function?

click:    Date:2021.10.19

The strong power produced by the power plant is sent to users through step-up substation, overhead transmission line, step-down substation and low-voltage distribution line. 
The equipment and conductors, conductors and conductors, transmission line conductors and insulators in the distribution devices of step-up substation and step-down substation are connected in series. The accessories used for self-protection of conductors and insulators are called power fittings.
Fittings are mainly used to support, fix and connect bare conductors, conductors and insulators in strings in overhead power lines and distribution devices, and also to protect conductors and insulators.
Most fittings need to bear large tension during operation, and some also need to ensure good electrical contact. It is related to the safety of conductors or towers. Even if one is damaged, it may cause line failure. Therefore, the quality, correct use and installation of fittings have a certain impact on the safe power transmission of the line.


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