Installation of insulation puncture clamp

click:    Date:2021.11.22

When the cable puncture clamp is used for construction, first determine the position of the branch line on the main cable, strip the outer sheath of 200 ~ 500mm at the determined position, bifurcate the main cable core without stripping the inner protective layer (insulating layer) of the cable core, directly insert the branch line into the branch cap with waterproof function (without stripping the insulating layer), and then fix the clamp at the branch core of the main cable, Tighten the clamp nut by hand at the connection, and finally fix the clamp with sleeve plate gloves. Tighten the torque nut on the clamp clockwise.


When the contact between the puncture blade and the metal conductor reaches the best effect, the torque nut will be disconnected automatically, and there is no need to make special treatment for the conductor and clamp (see Fig. 4 and Fig. 5).


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